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Armored Caster
You may reduce the armor penalty by 2. May be taken more than once.

Blood Mage
You may use hit points instead of mana when casting spells. You may use your HP for some or all of the cost of a spell when it is cast.

Select a cause. You get a +2 bonus on attack and damage rolls against enemies of that cause. May be taken more than once.

You may add your Mage attribute level to your magic attack damage once per combat.

You are trained in a craft like blacksmithing, carpentry or bowmaking. May be taken more than once.

Dual Wielding
You may wield a weapon in your off-hand without penaly. Does not grant an extra attack.

You have a small animal like a cat or falcon as a pet that can do some simple tricks.

You are followed by a henchman who carries your equipment and treasure around and may be asked to perform tasks.

You are a trained hunter and may live off the land easily. When given enough time, you can provide enough food to feed a party of four.

You are a talented leader any may command troops.

Lucky Devil
You may reroll any roll once per scene (or combat)

Massive Attack
You can add your Warrior attribute level to your melee attack damage once per combat

Precise Shot
You can add your Rogue attribute level to your ranged attack damage once per combat

You are trained in steering a boat or sailing ship and don’t get any penalties for fighting on a sea vessel.

Sixth Sense
You may roll a die before any ambush or other situation where you are about to be surprised. If you roll 4+ you are not surprised and may act first.

Tough As Nails
Damage you take from an individual attack is reduced by 2.


Double Attack
NOTE - Requires Dual Wielding.
The character gets an additional attack using the off-hand weapon. Both weapons must be of the same type in order to use this maneuver; two melee weapons or two ranged weapons are fine (for example: dragon pistols, twin swords or sword and dagger), but not one ranged and one melee weapon. Two-handed weapons cannot be dual-wielded.

See wyrmraces

Racial Talents

This talent allows a character to go berserk during combat. Going berserk adds +2 to the Warrior attribute and all damage caused. A berserk character temporarily ignores all damage effects: note all the damage the berserk character takes, and apply the total when the berserk rage wears off. The Mage attribute is reduced to 0 during the duration of the berserk effect, and casting of magic is impossible. The character has to attack the nearest enemy and is only allowed to fight in close combat (melee or unarmed). When all the enemies are incapacitated or dead the berserker has to make an Easy (5) check using his or her normal, unmodified Mage score. If the check is successful, the effect ends and the character drops unconscious to the ground. A character who has taken enough damage to be reduced to 0 or less HP is dead or dying. Otherwise the character is knocked out for 2d6 minutes and awakes with a headache. If the roll was unsuccessful, the berserker has to attack the nearest ally but can continue making the roll to come out of berserk every combat turn.

Exceptional Attribute
This talent allows the player to roll two sixsided dice instead of one when making a check using the relevant attribute. The highest result counts.

Natural Armor
Natural armor usually is in the form of scales or thick fur that protects the character from damage. The Defense granted by natural armor works as long as no other armor is worn.

No Talent For Magic
A character with this talent has a hard time grasping the concepts of magic or has a natural resistance to channeling mana. When making a casting check, the character rolls two d6 and takes the lowest result. In addition to that, all base mana costs for spells are doubled. The armor penalty for armor worn remains the same.

This talent grants a +2 bonus on all checks related to repairing, dismantling or using technical equipment like mechanical traps, firearms, war golems, clockwork, etc.

A character with this talent starts play with hit points equal to 3 + the Warrior attribute, and when levelling up only gains 1d6-2 hit points (minimum 1 point).

A character with this racial talent is considered an outcast in most societies. Every test related to social interaction with a member of a different race is modified by -3.

From the Imperial Library

Alchemical Master
The character can make permanent potions for 1.5 times the mana cost instead of the normal double cost.

Efficient Caster
The caster may increase the DL to cast a spell by +1 to reduce the mana cost by 1 point (to a minimum of 1 Mana Point). The cost to sustain or enhance a spell is unaffected.

Familiar Aide
The caster’s familiar is a magical creature that helps to focus the caster’s power, provides minor assistance, and even gives advice through the magical bond they share. As long as the familiar is assisting, the caster receives a +1 bonus on rolls to cast spells in a ritual form. The caster and the familiar count as one participant toward the limit for maximum participants in the ritual.

Familiar Channel
If the caster has the Familiar talent, then the familiar may act as the source of the caster’s spells for purposes of range and line of sight as long as the caster has line of sight to the familiar.

When armed with a firearm, the mage may cast attack spells (including touch attacks) through the firearm. If they successfully cast the spell, they must roll to hit with their Rogue attribute (and Firearms skill) but if they hit then the effect of the spell is added to the damage of the bullet. If they miss with the firearm, the spell is wasted. Using this ability requires the use of special bullets infused with rare materials prepared by the caster; these bullets cost twice as much as normal ammunition.

Magic Resistant
As long as Mage is the character’s lowest attribute, they take 2 points less damage from magical attacks and the DL to target them with spells is increased by +2.

Mage Strike
The character may use the Unarmed skill bonus when casting attack spells with a range of “touch”. This bonus applies only when the mage personally touches the target (i.e. it doesn’t apply when using a familiar or a gunmage attack or a similar ability to deliver the spell).

The caster may spend additional mana points to cast a spell with a lower DL. Each extra mana point reduces the DL by 1.

Undead creatures count as one Circle lower (and First Circle summoned undead count as one half) for the purposes of determining how many the caster can summon and control at one time.

Spell Mastery
The caster may cast one specific spell with one level of enhancement without increasing the DL to cast the spell. This talent may be chosen multiple times; each time it applies to a different spell.

The caster may make a Mage check to learn a spell after seeing another character cast it. The DL of the check is equal to the DL of the casting check +4. This must be done immediately after encountering the spell (by the end of the scene or combat encounter).

The caster may cast a spell and make an attack with a Warrior or Rogue skill in the same round.

Discovered Lore

See wyrmraces

Racial Talents

Breathe water
You can breathe underwater with no hindrance.

When confronted with an object you have never seen before, you must make a Challenging (DL 9) Mage roll or spend at least the next minute investigating it. If you are attacked or otherwise endangered while fascinated, you may make an Easy (DL 5) roll to “snap out” of it.

You may spend a number of days up to your Warrior score on dry land. After this time is up you must spend at least eight hours fully submerged in clean water (fresh or salt water). If you do not submerge yourself, you take 1d6 damage per extra day out of water that does not heal until you submerge.

Feline Weapons
Your claws and bite both do 1d6-2 damage. You do not receive any more attacks than normal, but you may develop the Double Attack talent as if you had the Dual Wielding talent already (only for your natural weapons; if you wish to use other weapons you must take Dual Wielding for them first before you can take Double Attack for them).

Fish Swim
You may move underwater at your full normal speed without having to make rolls, and you gain a +2 bonus to any rolls for swimming in difficult conditions.

You must make a Challenging (DL 9) Mage roll when the full moon rises (three days out of every lunar cycle) or wolfchange until the moon sets.

Prehensile Tail
You may use your tail as a fifth limb. Though you may not make attacks with your tail, you may use it to grasp and lift objects and to hold your weight from a limb, vine or other hanging surface.

You may shapechange into the form of a large wolf at will. While in this form you gain a +2 bonus to all Mage rolls involving your senses, but suffer a -2 penalty to all other rolls involving the Mage attribute. You gain a bite attack that does 1d6 damage. Any armor, clothing or equipment do not change with you and must be dropped. All other stats (including HP and base Defense) remain the same.

The Art of Combat

Look Out Sir!
This talent allows you to protect one of your allies from, by jumping into the way of the attack and taking the damage instead of them. This talent is most effective when used with the alternate armor rules. In order to do so, you make a Dodge check against the attackers attack. When successful you take the damage instead of your ally. Armor applies as normal. With GM’s discretion this can also be used by your henchman, if you also have the henchman talent. He then can use this talent to protect his patron.

Missile Parry
Your great skill in your weapon of choice allows you to parry even missile attacks. You have to pick one weapon of choice which you must be skilled in. You can then use this weapon to try to parry ranged attacks directed at you. Parrying missile attacks always costs you one combat action, even if you have the Dual-wield talent.

Nimble Fighter
This talent allows you to dodge without forfeiting a combat action.

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