Core Book

Acrobatics - Rogue
Training in activities like dancing, contortion, climbing, tightrope walking, tumbling.

Alchemy - Mage
Training in creating and identifying potions and salves.

Athletics - Warrior
Training in swimming, running and jumping.

Awareness - Mage
This skill is a measure of a characters awareness of his surroundings.

Axes - Warrior
Training with axes.

Blunt - Warrior
Training in all blunt weapons incl. maces and staves.

Bows - Rogue
Skill for using bows and crossbows.

Daggers - Rogue
Training with daggers and knives.

Driving - Warrior
Training with driving vehicles.

Firearms - Rogue
Training in the usage of exotic firearms.

Herbalism - Mage
Knowledge of plants, herbs and their medical uses. Can be used to heal critically wounded characters.

Lore - Mage
General knowledge.

Polearms - Warrior
Training with polearms, spears and lances.

Riding - Warrior
Training in riding on horses and other common mounts.

Swords - Warrior
Training with all kinds of swords, including two-handed ones.

Thaumaturgy - Mage
Skilled with arcane spells and rituals.

Thievery - Rogue
Training in the roguish arts like picking locks and picking pockets.

Thrown - Rogue
Proficiency with thrown weapons like shuriken.

Unarmed - Warrior
Training with unarmed fighting.

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