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Elves are usually slender, beautiful humanoids with slightly elongated limbs and pointed ears. Elves have less body hair than humans, have an exceptional talent for magic and live much longer than humans, but mature about as fast.

Racial Talents: Exceptional Attribute (Mage), Sixth Sense, Weak

Dwarves are shorter and stockier than humans. Male dwarves usually sport thick, long beards. Dwarves are very strong and tough for their small size and are known for their fighting prowess. Dwarves live longer than humans, but not as long as Elves.

Racial Talents: Exceptional Attribute (Warrior), Craftsman (craft of player's choice), No Talent for Magic

Halflings are even shorter than Dwarves and are sometimes mistaken for human children. They usually live peaceful lives far away from the bustling towns of larger folk, but if one of the members of this race goes adventuring their exceptional talent for thievery shines.

Racial Talents: Exceptional Attribute (Rogue), Hunter, Weak

Lizardmen are an intelligent species that evolved from lizards. Though they are warmblooded, they still prefer hot and dry areas. They resemble humanoid lizards with scales instead of skin (which also double as armor). Lizardmen are known for there lack of strong emotions and their keen logic.

Racial Talents: Natural Armor (Defense 2), Tough as Nails, Outcast

Goblins are the smallest of the "greenskin" races. They have green skin and very long pointed ears, and are about three feet tall. They have high voices and mouths full of razor-sharp teeth. Goblins seem to have a knack for salvaging and tinkering.

Racial Talents: Tinkerer, Lucky Devil, Weak

Orcs are slightly larger than humans, green skinned and are exceptionally strong. They can be savage warriors, but they have a strong sense of honor. They usually look down on smaller races like Goblins and Halflings. Orcish adventurers are a rare sight, but often they are accompanied by one of their tame black wolves.

Racial Talents: Berserker, Exceptional Attribute (Warrior), Outcast

Discovered Lore

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Catlings are bipedal felines the size of small children. They are the result of a magical accident which transformed the feline familiars of a group of wizards engaged in a ritual. Bright and quick, catlings retain many of the personality traits of their four-footed forebears, including mercurial affections, an independent streak, a love for hunting and a seemingly inexhaustible supply of good luck. Their natural claws and teeth make them dangerous.

Racial Talents: Feline Weapons, Lucky Devil, Weak

The merfolk are a race adapted to living underwater. They resemble humans with gillslits on their necks, smooth greenish or bluish skin, weedy hair and webbed fingers and toes. Though capable of coming onto dry land for days at a time, they must return to water every so often. Their beautiful cities are grown from coral reefs and surrounded by waving gardens of exotic sea-life.

Racial Talents: Breathe Water, Fish Swim, Dehydration

Mountain Giant
Legends tell of a band of mountain-dwelling humans who bonded so tightly with the mighty peaks that they took on some attributes of the Earth itself. These eight-foot-tall giants have the shape of humans, but are completely bald and have skin the color of granite. They are heavy, muscular and solid. Though they have no magic to speak of, they are mighty warriors capable of enduring any hardship. Deliberate in thought, they record their history with ancient runes carved into stone.

Racial Talents: Exceptional Attribute (Warrior), Tough as Nails, No Talent for Magic

Simians are a race of intelligent primates who reside deep within warm forests. They have a strong tribal culture that relies primarily on oral history, with their tales and ways encoded in chants and songs. Though smaller than humans, simians are incredibly nimble and quite strong, able to move through the dense forests by swinging from vines and branches and make use of their dexterous tails as additional limbs. Simians are also very curious about anything new, often dropping everything to investigate some mystery.

Racial Talents: Exceptional Attribute (Rogue), Curious, Prehensile Tail

Sorcerors are members of an ancient bloodline of mages who intermingled with eldritch nonhuman entities to gain some of their power. At first glance sorcerors appear human, but they are all marked in subtle ways — odd hair colors, strange eyes, witch marks, fangs and small tails are just some of the many possible telling signs — that make others uneasy and fearful around them. Their inate talent for chanelling raw magical force makes them both useful and dangerous to adventuring groups.

Racial Talents: Blood Mage, Channeller, Outcast

Deep in the wild exists a storied race of men and women who run with wolves through the dark of night. Whether by some ancient magic, quirk of fate or dictate of the gods, werewolves have the power to change into the shape of a powerful wolf at will. The light of the full moon afflicts them with an almost irresistable urge to adopt their lupine shapes and run free.

Racial Talents: Hunter, Moonbound, Wolfchange

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