Rifts Basic Gear
Basic Gear

Air Filter (12, disposable): 5 credits (cr.)
Backpack, large, high quality: 100-200 cr.
Backpack, small, high quality: 40-100 cr.
Band-Aids (box of 72; various sizes): 5 cr.
Bandages (6 foot/1.8 in roll): 5 cr.
Bandoleer (with pouches and or belt loops): 12-25 cr.
Belt, Ammo (with six pouches; military style): 10-15 cr.
Belt, Utility (military style): 3-5 cr.
Bicycle (basic): 60-100 cr.
Bedroll: 30 cr.
Blanket, Heavy: 20 cr.
Blanket, Light: 10 cr.
Canteen: Aluminum: 30 cr.
Canteen: Plastic: 20 cr.
Canteen: 2 M.D.C.; 2200 cr.
Cigarettes (16 in a pack): 2-6 cr.
Cigarette Lighter (refillable): 10-25 cr.
Cigarette Lighter Fluid: 6 credits per.16 ounce can.
Compass: 50-150 cr. 2
Cross/Crucifix (wood; 8-12 inches): 2-10 cr.
Cross/Crucifix (silver 4-6 inches): 80-150 cr.(doub1e for gold)
Cross/Crucifix (silver 8-12 inches): 200-400 cr. (double for gold)
Disposable Lighter Box of 200 matches: One cr.
Duffel Bag: 25-80 cr.
Fishing Line, per 50 feet (15 m): 5 cr.
Flashlight, large: 12-20 cr.
Flashlight, pen/pocket size: 6 cr.
Gas Mask (human-size): 50-80 cr. (half that used)
Gas Mask (larger than human): 80-120 cr.
Grappling Hook and Line (100 feet/30 m): 80 cr.
Hammer (average, metal): 10-20 cr.
Knapsack: 50-100 cr.
Knife, Large (does 1D6 S.D.C. damage): 20-100 cr.
Knife, Skinning (does 1D6 S.D.C. damage): 80-200 cr.
Knife, Small (does 1D4 S.D.C. damage): I5-75 cr.
Knife. Survival (does 1D6 S.D.C. damage): 120-300 cr.
Knife, Survival Commando (does 2[)4 S.D.C. & can saw wood): 180-500 cr.
Knife, Throwing (does 1D6 S.D.C.): 200-600 cr.
Knife, Silver Plated; +100 credits to normal cost of the weapon.
Machete with canvas sheath (does 2D4 S.D.C. damage): 40-100 cr.
Magnifying Glass(small); 5 cr.; double for large.
Mallet (small): 2-4 cr.
Marker Pen ( 1): l cr.
Marker Pens (dozen): 6-8 cr.
Mechanical Pencil (1): 2-5 cr.
Mechanical Pencil lead (24 in a pack): 10 cr.
Pocket or Signal Mirror: 2-5 cr.
Rope, per 20 feet (6 m): 15 cr.
Sketch Book 100 sheets. soft-cover: 4 cr.
Sketch Book 100 sheets, hardcover: 8-12 cr.
Sleeping Bag: 110-160 cr.
Spikes (6, iron): 6 cr.
Spikes/Wooden Stakes (6, wood): 4 cr.
Sunglasses or Goggles (cheap): 15-50 cr.
Sunglasses (fancy or light adjusting): 100-300 cr.

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