Pathfinder Play Log

05/08/11 - Troubleshooters, Part 1

Characters/Players Present: Berekast Keshani, Saffreid Kilain, Auran Denn

A temple in New Heinland hired the characters to investigate some 'strange goings on' in the reliquary in their basement. It was discovered that goblins had tunneled in from an adjacent den, and the search for the missing acolytes began. The party encountered two goblins and made short work of them. Most notably, Berekast hammered the first of them like a nail, scoring a critical hit and inflicting massive damage.

XP Rewarded: None - Carried over until the end of the segment.

Notes: Most of the play time was spent on technical issues on this 'test drive' of the campaign setup.

05/15/11 - Troubleshooters, Part 2

Characters/Players Present: Berekast Keshani, Saffreid Kilain, Auran Denn, Dmitrii

Dmitrii joins the party and the quest continues. When the party uncovers the trove stolen from the temple, they take shifts in packing it back out of the den. The goblins heard the commotion and set up an ambush for the adventurers. After dealing with them, the party discovered a trapped centipede. They decided at first not to engage, but Berekast convinced them to try. The adventurers emerged victorious.

XP Rewarded: 470 / 380

Treasure: Misc copper from the goblins and 150g each from the temple as a reward.

05/30/11 - Accompaniment to Mr Trask

Characters/Players Present: Saffreid Kilain, Auran Denn, Dmitrii

The party is contracted to escort a diplomat, Mr Trask, along the road from New Heinland to Plaza City. They meet up with a pirate gang led by Captain Kross. Saffreid loses both a punching and a drinking contest to one of her crew. The party works in the city for a few days and begins the escort. On the third day they are attacked by the pirate band. Trask goes along with them willingly, and escapes after a firey explosion. He hands the party a Pyramus artifact known as the Ocular, and bids them take it back to New Heinland for safe keeping. Once they arrive, it is revealed that their Ocular is in fact a forgery. They are accused of having stolen it, but convince the Bureaucracy that they were unwitting pawns, at best.

XP Rewarded: 700

Treasure: Trask paid each member 100g for their services.

07/16/11 - The Crypts, Part 1

Characters/Players Present: Berekast Keshani, Saffreid Kilain, Auran Denn

The party is assigned to enter a crypt and discover what happened to the rogue who went in first. After nearly drowning in the entrance, they encounter a spirit whose language they cannot understand. They are then feared into a pack of skeletons, but dispatch them with ease.

XP Rewarded: None - Carried over until the end of the segment.

08/14/11 - The Crypts, Part 2

Characters/Players Present: Berekast Keshani, Saffreid Kilain, Auran Denn

The party continues to explore the crypt. They unearth a pair of ghasts and defeat them at considerable cost to their resources. They then locate a tomb containing the rogue. The spirit returns, quite concerned about the rogue and ignoring the party. When Auran splashes her with holy water, she shrieks in horror and pain, and flees. This awakens a wight in an adjacent coffin. Saffried is killed due to energy drain, but the rest of the party narrowly escapes. They return his body to town, but cannot afford to purchase a resurrection service for him. The rogue, quite insane, followed them the entire way; enthralled with Auran.

XP Rewarded: 800

Treasure: The party found 300g and an oil of enlarge person, which they unfortunately used on Saffried right before he died.

08/21/11 - The Potion, Part 1

Characters/Players Present: Berekast Keshani, Auran Denn, Keban Aldon, Arrazuis

The wizard insists the party's task is not yet complete, and they are sent to convince a local alchemist to craft a potion to cure the rogue. After being attacked by rats in the forest, they discover she is an unfriendly wererat raising dire rats for experimentation purposes. She requires a nearby kobold shaman's headdress, for its feathers. En route they are ambushed and rescue a halfling druid and his bear from a kobold war party.

XP Rewarded: (1600/800 earned, delayed until the end of the adventure)

Treasure: 6 lapis lazuli gem (60 gp) 1 violet garnet gem (600 gp), 160 gp, masterwork light steel shield, masterwork spear

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