Novantica Curiosities

- Old World Conflict


The Elven government was formed two millennia ago. Only six of the council of thirteen were alive when it was founded. Now with the majority of the Elven council of younger blood, the Elves are much brasher than they used to be—brash for Elves, that is.


Rumor has it that the mountains of the Golden Hammer are nearly exhausted of precious metal. Gold with which to pay the Dragons is becoming scarce, and the Dwarves are in dire straits if they cannot continue to pay for their protection from the more experienced and numerous Elves.


Two violent parties have emerged as of late within the country. The Pontas Reconciliation (sometimes called Recs or Pontas), a group of Goblin and Orc sympathists who believe that they should be allowed into the country like everyone else and the Minas Party (sometimes called Misers) who believe that any and all "green-skins" and their sympathizers should be kicked out of the country out of fear of it being toppled like Pyramis.


Empress Chenhua is not without her own skeletons in the closet. Rumor has it that her sorceress sister attempted a coup a few years ago. Not much is known about the whole affair, except that any who speak about it too loudly have a tendency to fall ill and die shortly after.

- New World Legends and Curses

The forests of Novantica are haunted by malevolent forest spirits that are powerful enough to keep the largest of parties on their toes. These spirits are said to take the form of giant bears—only with leaves in place of fur and a taste for blood. It is said they travel in packs, unlike normal bears, and even have their own strange rumbling language.

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