Flexible OpenD6 Rationale

Why? The eternal question. This page is intended to list sime of the thought that went into the design of this OpenD6 variant.

'Strength Damage' will not exist as a stat, primarily due to the desire to keep melee combat a dangerous thing. It is not 'more realistic' to cap damage output by halving Strength's input. If anything, firearms should get more detail in areas like rate of fire, penetration, etc. Since the focus of D6 really never has been combat simulation, we're going with the KISS philosophy.

Stat selection is another key area. The D6 system has long used various (and changing) stats to reflect characters and NPCs. 'Orneryness', anyone? To stop this going forward, despite what genres we may endeavor to describe, we are looking at the base stats as measurable characteristics. We are doing so without cinsidering their impact on the metagame. We are doing so in order to remain as flexible as possible.

On this vein, we will also be treating Extranormal as a full-blown attribute and will use it to describe as much as possible. Special rules/costs/spell lists/etc. are a pain to balance. A pricey, but powerful, attribute makes a lot of problems go away. It also makes them more pluggable.

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