Pathfinder System

We're using the Pathfinder system, which is very similar (but an upgrade to) D&D. Their SRD appears to have no holes, their version of the system is more up to date, and the pdfs could be had for $10 each if a person had such an inkling. In general the base classes are more powerful, and the character creation is less arbitrary. Check out the srd below for complete game rules. These link within Maptool, too, for easy reference.


PCGen works well with Pathfinder. Get the latest version as well as the updated Pathfinder dataset and everything should be good to go.

Load them as sources, then under 'settings' set 'Purchase' to 'Standard Fantasy'. This should net you 15 points to spend.


Unsupervised method will be Purchase, according to Pathfinder rules (which are slightly inflated above normal rules) to a total of 15 points.

Starting Wealth

Characters starting at level 1 will take the listed average as their gold (again, if made unsupervised.) Characters starting at level 3 will take the max possible. They've had some time to save before adventuring…

Note that if you're using PCGen you should feel free to set the 'Sell Percentage' to 100 during character creation.

Again if you're using PCGen, go ahead and equip all your stuff in a typical config for your character. This can be drawn into your Maptool Character sheet.

Race Limitations

For our first outing, we're sticking to the core races EXCEPT FOR HALF-ORCS. Orcs are unpopular in the setting. Think 'Lord of the Rings' rather than 'Greyhawk'.


Speaking of the setting, you'll find that info here. Characters with a reason to be in the New Hienland Region are best, but people get around a lot by sea in this setting, so almost everyone could get almost everywhere - given enough time.


A character is great, but without the platform you'll not get much playing done. Download this version of Maptool and
Ventrilo. Please also select a picture showing your character's head. Don't worry about the silhouettes this time around. Just a pic for the circle token on maptool. You could draw your own or find a link to one on the web. Whatever works, fair use and all that. (Ask if you get stuck on any of this.)

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